Sunhee Kim Jung 선희 김 정

Island 1
Artist Sunhee Kim Jung is a Korean-born American painter living and working in Maryland. She is the recipient of the AHL foundation: Andrew & Barbara Choi Family Grant 2019. Currently she is preparing the Mural Project in Thailand for a non-profit organization that houses rescued trafficked children in 2022. Jung has been selected by the US Department of State’s Art in Embassy Program for the third time. Four of her paintings have shown at the American Embassy in Rangoon, Burma in 2016-2019.

After her residency at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, which helped her to further develop her work, she had finished her second residency program at Tong Lau Space in Hong Kong in summer 2018. She finished the Cuttyhunk Island artist residency workshop with Suzanne Brooker in June of 2019.

She had her 13th solo exhibition at the Carroll Mansion which is the Peale’s inaugural exhibition at its temporary residence and Jung’s paintings were selected into numerous juried shows internationally, nationally and regionally. She is going to have her 15th solo exhibition at the Maryland Culture and Conference Center in Annapolis Maryland in 2022.

Jung earned BFA in painting from Corcoran College of Art & Design, George Washington University and MFA in painting from American University, Washington DC. Jung was teaching Art courses at the Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, MD from 2007 to current. Jung joined the Board of directors at the Anne Arundel County Arts Council in 2016-2022 for 6 years.

Her paintings have been featured WNAV radio, The Capital, The Gazette, The Tower Light, The Carroll County Times, Maryland Gazette, What’s up? Media, Washington Woman Magazine, WKTV etc.

Her vision is to always strive to expand her work into the limitless territory of modern art. 
For the last 2 years I had a feeling that I was isolated on a deserted island due to the pandemic of Covid 19. But I found some peace ironically in the middle of the isolation. A deserted island is a mysterious place and it certainly can be an isolated location but it can also a shelter that people can find rest and peace. My paintings represent that place. With each leave, having its unique color symbolizes all different emotions working together harmoniously with the Value and the Intensity in Color. Creating a haven for the soul.

None of the colors used are used more than once.

During 2007-2012, when I had the opportunity to teach Color Theory at a College, I revisited and delved into the theory of color relativity of Josef Albers. He changed how we work with colors and has certainly influenced my recent works, especially the way I juxtapose the different shades of color to achieve different effects.

I believe all colors have many different faces. Each viewer can perceive and feel each color differently. A color can be light or dark and the intensity of each color is different as well. By this I mean when color is bright or dull. In the current series of work, I painted leaves which I believe to have lives similar to human lives. There are leaves of different ages both young and old. To portray this I use bright colors, dull colors, light colors and dark colors. A life of a human has ups and downs. In relation to these moments of feeling, I tried to focus on showing many shades and feelings that the leaves have. Every color has meaning. Colors in the leaves have many different values and intensities, just as human beings do. 

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