Mookwon Han 한 무권

Gyeonju Radioactive Waste Disposal Center
Mookwon Han was born in Gyeongju, Korea, and currently resides in New York. He strives to spread saving the environment through his performance video installation.

Han has had solo shows at Seoul City Hall (2021), Choi&Lager Gallery Seoul (2020), Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul (2017), Doosan Gallery New York (2009), CUE Art Foundation New York (2009), and Kyung In Museum, Seoul (2000, 2019).

Han’s work has been included in group exhibitions at Korea Cultural Center in NY, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam; NY Media Center; The Fondazione Filiberto Menna, Salerno, Italy; Galeria U Jezuitow, Poznan, Poland; Bund18 Creative Center, Shanghai, China; Coreana Museum, Seoul, Korea; Nation Centre for Performing Art, Asia Society Mumbai Centre, Mumbai, India; Metropolitan Pavilion, NY; David Zwirner Gallery, NY; Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery/ Asia Society Museum NYC; Unit B Gallery, San Antonio: Hoam Gallery and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.

Han received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts NYC (2006), attended the Skowhegan School(2008, John Whitney Payson Fellowship) and participated in residencies at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Seoul Foundation for Art and Culture, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Program, LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island, Art OMI and CUE Art Foundation and was a Smack Mellon Hot Pick. He was awarded a Korea Hydro Nuclear Power, Co. and Gyeongju Cultural Foundation Grant, Puffin Foundation Grant, New York Foundation for the Arts Artist Fellowship in Digital/Electronic Arts, its panelist, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and AHL Foundation Fellowship.
Drum is my field report and the process of my new drum making after visiting 9 power plants. Drum consists of the shape of electricity, drum making, and drum sound.

I found the shape of electricity in the nature, reactor, and human’s body. I captured lightning in New York as natural electricity. I draw my imaginary electricity if I stare up from the bottom of reactor vessel to the boron sprinkler on the ceiling in the nuclear reactor. I would see the neutron’s fissions likely continuous lightning in the heavy water.

Drum making; Likely from Samsa to a harmful insect in Kafka’s Metamorphoses, I became a stone on the site of the nuclear waste disposal center and writing what the stone have seen on people’s action for last million years; agriculture, birth and death. Stones embrace radioactive waste but nobody thanks to them. Stones counterattack to electricity. Hammering, woodchopping, plowing... human’s action from stone’s point of view.
I break 4 square shaped electricity bulbs and bury them. Stones embrace radioactive waste but nobody thanks to them. They get angry and start counterstrike electricity and bulbs.

Birth, grow, burning, extinction, bury... electricity and human’s life circle are same.
Boric acid pipes inside of the dome are installed for the emergency extinguishment.

Purity, philosophical ideal, is already circulating in the power plants and also semiconductor factories. Most power plants use pure water. I am surprised that science and industry have already approached to the philosophical meaning of purity.

Drum sound: a crystal chandelier is installed in the center and iced pure water drops and makes beats on the surface of the reflector of fluorescent light that I was doing a performance in the Counterstrike of Stones. A snare drum means anonymous, propaganda, and enlightenment.
I am drumming with chandelier as an anchor rope. I am a guidance as holding Thomas More’s “Map of Utopia”

The extreme noise of turbine hall is the same as recording heartbeats of million people and playing at once. The blades of turbine in power plants is the same as 747 engines without rest for 6 years. We need thank to electricity and sorry to environment. We will save electricity for The Earth and the next generations.
Mookwon Han

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